answer the question on business and management (2 pgs, 550 words)

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Your task as a group is to develop a Data Management Plan then individually critically reflect on the process your group followed in developing this plan, as well as your contributions to developing this plan. In addition, you will be asked to peer evaluate the work of your group in developing the plan.

Your group will use the Research Data Planning Template (a copy will be provided on Moodle) and the plan will be based on the information provided in the case study description.

• Do not just tick the checkboxes. You also need to provide additional details for some choices. The Template has a number of prompts and questions where you will need to justify your decisions. Please enter your answers in the sections provided. • The case study description might not provide sufficient information to answer or to make a decision on a specific question. Your task is to make informed decisions and your group is expected to use other sources to collect additional information that can inform your decision making. If you are not able to collect sufficient information to make a decision, you should identify possible options and say what information would be need to decide between those options. • With regard to the archiving of the data for future re-use, do not assume that the only data associated with the project is listed in the case study description. Think about what defines the ‘data collection’ for the case and identify what other data related to the case should be identified and retained. • When completing the data management plan, if you think a question or an item on the template is not applicable, then DO NOT leave it blank. You must explicitly mark it as not applicable (N/A) and justify this decision. • There is no need to alter the template or its formatting. If you require extra room to write, you may enter this by adding new lines or rows. • Remember that not all data is treated the same in all sections of the DMP

I attached the assignment requirement please just do the first part which is Development of a Data Management Plan (DMP) …. and I attached (DMP TEMPLATE 2019 (1)) where you should write the plan please note that just do the 2 sections in the tamp late which are
I also attached the case study which our work is based on it

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