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  1. Your company runs an e-commerce web site using Apache and is looking for an automated way to notify the technical staff when a serious problem with the server arises. What suggestions would you give them? Show the Apache configuration directives necessary to implement your solution. Hint: Take a look at the “ErrorLog” directive.
  2. Suppose you want to display on a web page the following information: IP address of the client issuing the request, type of client, and the server software that is being used. Show how you would construct this web page using SSI.
    1. Start Apache and browse the location http://localhost/. Use the developer tools to view the response headers. What do you see in the ‘Server:’ response header field?
    2. Modify your Apache configuration file and add the directive ServerTokens to display the least amount information in the ‘Server:’ response header. Restart Apache and again browse the location http://localhost/. What do you see in the ‘Server:’ response header?
    1. Start Apache and type the following URL in your browser ‘http://localhost/?abc=../../’. What response do you get?
    2. Download and install Mod Security Version 2-9.2 for Apache 2.4.x. It can be downloaded at https://www.apachelounge.com/download/
    3. Read the file “ReadMe.txt” in the download and follow the instructions for installing Mod Security. Configure Apache with the security directives listed after the line “# A very quick start:” .Restart Apache and again browse using the following URL: ‘http://localhost/?abc=../../’. What response do you get this time?
    4. Browse the location http://localhost/ . What do you see in the “Server” response header?
    5. Modify the Apache config file and add the directive ‘SecServerSignature’ to change the name of the server in the “Server” response header.
    6. Restart Apache and browse the location http://localhost/ . What do you see now in the “Server” response header?

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