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Review Paper I. Introduction (Chapter I) 

A. Statement of problem or question (“grab” the reader’s attention) B. General overview or summary of previous research (to provide a context for the reader) C. Purpose statement 1. What do you hope to learn through your review of the literature? 2. What connections need to be made (or, what gaps need to be filled)? II. Review of the relevant primary research literature (Chapter 2, 3, 4) A. Organize in terms of relationship of studies to one another, rather than in chronological order; or B. Organize chapters by focusing on several variables, themes, questions, or findings; or C. Organize in terms of what you have learned; or D. Organize in terms of categories of research III. Conclusion (Chapter 5) A. What connections/conclusions emerge based on the review? B. What are the logical next steps for research in this area?

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