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  • COMM 1003 Library Research Assignment Value:10% Date Due: Before the beginning of class in Week 5 (via email) Assignment Instructions: Using the library databases, find 1 full text article of your choice for four of the following topics (= four different articles): Use the chart below for each of the articles you use for this assignment.Cut and paste the chart four times.
    Title of article
    Where was it published? (source)
    Author(s) last name and first name initial
    Date of publication
    What are the page numbers of the article?
    Database name
    Thesis (= main idea) of the article in one sentence. (2)
    How does the article connect to the topic?Be specific. (2)
    • Use your own words for the last two items in the chart.Any cutting and pasting from the original articles will result in 0 for the source.
    • Books and videos are not articles.Choose articles only (or get 0 for the source)
    • Do not send me the actual articles, only the information requested.

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