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Directions: Select one of the two following topics to address for essay exam #1. Be as clear and concise as possible with responses. Offer specific illustrations to support your opinions and observations. Offer your original interpretations where indicated, and be sure to accurately document a source when borrowing information! No writing substitutions can be made. The assignment is worth a possible 50 points. Please see the SAMPLE GRADING SHEET included after the topics to check for completeness.

Topic 1
Select TWO of these exceptional buildings/structures: the Great Pyramids, the Parthenon, the Pantheon, or the Hagia Sophia. Compare/contrast them in the following ways, discussing for each building/structure:

* The time period, style, and dates (for example, Late Byzantine style, built 1445-1450 CE)

* The religious or philosophical beliefs of the time period and how these ideas influenced the buildings

* Why each was built

* Who was an important figure in the creation, design, or execution of the building (if known)

* The architectural elements and advancements, in detail

* Why we continue to study these buildings/structures

* If you could visit just one, which would it be? Why?

Topic 2
Discuss the importance of the Acropolis in ancient Greece. Use at least five (5) artworks to illustrate your main points.

Some ideas to consider when writing your essay include the following:

*What period of Greek art does it fall into? What are the dates?

*What critical buildings are part of the Acropolis?

*How is the architecture used?

*Why was the area developed?

*What was the area used for?

*Who are some important historical and artistic people involved?

*How is sculpture used?

*What religious beliefs are displayed?

*What philosophical principles are used?

*What mathematical principles are used?

*Why do we continue to study these artworks?

Expected Essay Length: 3 to 5 Typewritten Pages

Submit your essay as an attachment to your instructor via the course Message Center. The essay should be double-spaced using a 12-point font. Send it either in Word or in Rich Text Format (rtf), including your name, (Rosine Bardakejian)the course number (ARH102), and the assignment identifier (e.g., Lesson 6 Essay Exam #1). Microsoft Works is not acceptable.

Important information

After you have submitted your attachment, click on the link provided at the end of the Assessment to inform your instructor. Type the name of the attachment in the textbox, and then click on the “Submit” button.

Complete and upload Essay Exam 1 to your instructor via the course Message Center.

View a sample grading sheet.

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