Assess two of the motivation theories on leadership styles

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This is a paper that is focusing on the Assess two of the motivation theories on leadership styles. The paper also provides additional sections to use in writing the assignment paper.

Assess two of the motivation theories on leadership styles

Assessment Task Instructions:
Core Task:
You are required to assess two of the motivation theories you studied in the class and explain the impact of leadership style on the motivation of employees.

The aim of the task is to test your understanding of motivation theories and leadership styles in relation to the size of a business and organisational structure. It also tests your ability to effectively interpret by using linguistic skills and strategies and subject-specific vocabulary.

You must ensure that this assignment is your own work and is written your own words. Any ideas/theories based upon the work of other writers must be fully acknowledged and correctly referenced both within the text and the bibliography.

It is not acceptable to quote major sections of text, even if they have been fully referenced.
You must use quotations and in-text citations

Report Structure: Here are some suggested ideas for the report layout and content points:
Section 1: Introduction (Suggested word count: 100-150)
Firstly, explain the importance of motivation of employees and its impact on business.
Secondly, briefly outline the main aim of your report.

Assess two of the motivation theories on leadership styles

Section 2: Motivation Theories (Suggested word count: 400-500)
Describe two of the motivation theories that studied in class. Explain the key elements of these theories, their limitations, their similarities and also differences.
You can add your own diagrams and tables to compare and contrast the theories.
How applicable are the theories? Do these motivation theories work for today’s environment?

Section 3: Motivation and Leadership (Suggested word count: 400-500)
Firstly, explain types of leadership styles.
Secondly, assess the influence of a size of a business and an organisational structure on its leadership styles.
Thirdly, explain how different leadership-styles contribute to employees’ intrinsic and extrinsic motivations.

Section 4:  Conclusion (Suggested word count: 100-150)
Briefly summarise the main points discussed in this report.

Section 5. References
Harvard referencing – use a range of high quality sources.
(i.e. primary and secondary sources, such as: firm data, market data, etc).

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