Assessing a Concussion

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 There has been a renewed interest in sports-related head injuries in the news, as many professional athletes have come forward with their stories of multiple concussions and long-term neurologic problems resulting from poor management and chronically ignored symptoms. Due to the increased awareness of these types of problems, many schools will now coordinate much more openly and efficiently among the coaching staff, the athlete’s doctor, and even the teachers on the academic side, to allow the athlete’s brain a chance to rest and recover. Concussions don’t flaunt their dramatic neurologic symptoms like other injuries and diseases of the brain. However, knowing how to properly perform a neurologic exam and how to compare its results to the subsequent neurologic exams can enable the quick identification of ominous sudden changes. Tracking improvements allows the full schedule of academics and physical activity to be resumed at the safest, earliest time. Download and read the Assessing a Concussion.docx file. Respond to the questions on page 3 of this file. CONTENT Exemplary, in-depth discussion addressing all of the specific diagnoses with direct reference to all available supporting data from history and physical exam. Identifies all major follow-up needs. Content is engaging and fully developed. Content is well written and flows in a logical and organized manner. Main points are appropriately and sufficiently supported by credible and current sources. CRITICAL ANALYSIS Provides an exemplary and thorough analysis and evaluation of the assignment topic. Clearly communicates specific insights, applications, and usefulness of information. 

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