Assignment #3. Chapter 4A. Light

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You have to choose a work that uses light in a significant way (therefore if you see a work of art that has no reference to light – please do not choose it).

3. Attach the picture of the artwork and include the name of artist, title, date.

4. Describe the use of light in the work.

  • Is the light in the work an actual light like in Doug Wheeler’s installations? In such works the light itself is used as a medium. For example, in this work a line of LED lights circle the perimeter of the room at foot-level, so the visitors find themselves in a unique space. When you analyze a work that is using actual light make sure you are discussing the installation and not the photo of the installation. If you choose to analyze the photo then the light is considered implied light.
  • Image result for doug wheeler installation
  • Is the light an implied light like in this detail from Leonardo’s “Virgin and St. Anne…”? Implied light creates the illusion of light in two dimensional work.
  • Image result for leonardo virgin and st anne
  • If it’s an actual light ask yourself – what and where is the source of light? Is it bright, dim, colorful? is it constant or blinking? One source or many? What is the relationship with the viewer (above, in front etc.). What is the relationship with the space (indoor or outdoor, small space or large? type of space? etc.) How do you think it affects the viewer?
  • If it’s implied light ask yourself – Where is the light in the picture coming from? How many sources? Inside or outside the picture? Artificial or natural light? Can you describe it as a chiaroscuro? What is the purpose/s of the light? (modeling, emotional or symbolic effects, compositional, directing the eye etc.)

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