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TOPIC Managing Quality
ASSIGNMENT DIRECTION & REQUIREMENT/S (Identify the ILOs to be assessed at the end of each requirement. Include the rubric or marking scheme for each item/requirement.) Answer what is being required in the problem.
Given the following: XYZ Company is producing integrated circuits and has experienced a lot of defects during the last month as follows :
Wrong Code – 50 pcs valued at BD 0.200 / pc/defect. Cracks – 14 pcs valued at BD 3/pc/defect Bent Leads – 200 pcs valued at Bd 0.010/pc/defect Dirt – 120 pcs valued at Bd 0.0100/pc/ defect. Discoloration – 85 pcs valued at BD 0. 900/pc/defect
What tools can you use to present the above data? ( 2 pts each = 4 pts) How will you choose your priority in terms of what problem to address first? Show the table and the rankings ( 10 pts ) What will you prioritize to address as an operations manager? Justify your answer. ( 6 pts )

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RUBRIC / MARKING SCHEME Rubrics 9-10 pts – for correct and complete presentation of data using correctly labeled quality control tool 6-8 pts – the presentation of data using the quality control tools lacks few important details 3-5 pts – the presentation of data using the quality control tools lacks many details
The answer shows very little understanding of the application of the tool.
1-2 C6 12pts
3 C7 6 pts

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