Aviation business (challenges and barriers to potential growth, or decline).

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This assignment supports the following lesson objectives: Review and select an active airport or region of aviation activity. Identify major issues trends in the aviation industry that might impact the selected airport or region. Identify challenges and barriers to potential growth, or decline, of the airport or region selected.  This assignment will have the student research and explore some of the business-related decisions that go into airport growth, types of airport markets available, projecting the trends on growth or decline of airport usage. A two-page paper based on the selected research and questions provided below. Double-spaced, 12 point font, following APA formatting/style. Title page and references not included in page count. APA guidelines can be found at CAU Library (Links to an external site.) Step 1 – Select an airport or region for a case study. Step 2 – Obtain data on the growth of airport traffic and airline operations. Step 3 – Answer the following questions: What are the trends over the last 10 years? How do they compare with international or regional trends? How will future traffic evolve for your selected airport or region?

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