Based on current knowledge of laws in the state of Texas , if given the opportunity which law would you change? Why would you change this law

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I’m trying to study for my Excel course and I need some help to understand this question.

the outline is:

Main points:

A- Raising the age for buying cigarettes

B- Alot of kids are getting addicted to it.

C- Increase the percentage of taxes on it.

Body paragraphs:

A:Raising the age for buying cigarettes:

They will let the people under 21 to quit it.

Protect the kids from cigarettes harm.

Make them think about its health problems.

B:A lot of kids are getting addicted to it:

Nicotine and addiction

the dangerous of it.

Helping the to start quiting it.

C: Increase the percentage of taxes on it:

It help to reduce the amount of smokers.

As much it will increase as much we will get rid of it

can improve health and raise revenue


we should let everybody know about its effects and how harm it is.

I already write the introduction and the thesis and in just need the body paragraph and conclusion as the outline above. And here is the introduction:

Tobacco is commonly abused drug by the youth. Today more people are smoking and consuming more cigarettes than before. When young people smokes they experience an early onset of cough, phlegm production. The earlier a person begins to smoke, the greater is the risk of disease such as: chronic bronchitis and lung cancer. If i get the opportunity to change the law for cigarettes, I will change it by two ways: raising the age of buying cigarettes, by increasing the percentage of taxes on it and the reasons of why people are getting addicted to it .

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