BEHS 320 Disability Studies

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Assignment 1: Week 5 Journal about week 4

You are expected to write week 5 journal about week 4. Through the journal entries, you should demonstrate an understanding of the issues discussed and the readings from the learning resources for week 4 and use these ideas and reflections to enhance your awareness and understanding of disability studies. This journal should be about 1 page in length but no more than 2 pages and 1.5 line-space and should have listed a minimum of three in-text citations and three academic references. In brief, the journal is a reflection about the week’s topic. It is an opportunity for you to express your thoughts, opinions and demonstrate your understanding of the learning resources. The journal must be documented with at least 3 in-text citations and references in the reference list at the bottom of the page. Attached below are the learning resources.

Assignment 2:

Assignment 2: Project Proposal for the Applied Final Project

Project Proposal for the Applied Final Project:

1) The project proposal will indicate the Title for the selected topic of the final project;

2) a brief Abstract describing what the Applied Final Project paper is going to be about;

3) a brief Introduction and at least 4 or 5 Subtitles and/or bullet points to organize and elaborate the paper’s content;

4) a brief note about the project’s Conclusion; and

5) a shortlist of 6 to 8 proposed References to be cited within the project’s paper. All in-text citations should be added, in the list of references, in APA style. See the Syllabus for more information.

After reviewing the proposals for the Applied Final Project, I will let you know if the proposal is appropriate and relevant to this course, if more clarification is needed and if the proposed idea is not a relevant topic or a good choice for this assignment and course.

The project proposal is an important component of your classwork that will serve you as a frame-of-work to help you organize your work for the Applied Final Project course paper.

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