Bilingual Challenge

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Need help with my Python question – I’m studying for my class.

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There are 13 folders and each of them is a individual file (demo, hw, lab or project) wrote by python.

  1. Launch your Jupyter notebook from the R environment.
  2. Open the “filename.ipynb” file. Click Save As. Then save the file as “filename_r.ipynb”.
  3. Start to translate from python to r. You should execute the r commands so that the outputs are shown in the notebook
  4. Some languages are written with respect to the python language. You will need to rewrite them so that they pertain R. For example, it may say “this operation is achieved by the group method in the python/datascience module”. You can translate it as “this operation is achieved by the aggregate function in R.”
  5. Some languages are not applicable to R. For example, there might be some general introductions to python. You may delete those languages.
  6. You must make sure that your R code is executable. You have to execute all the cells and display the output.
  7. Once you are done, create a .txt file or a Word file in the folder, named ‘self-evaluation’. Comment on how satisfied you are with your translation. Comment on which files you are most satisfied with, and which files you are least satisfied with.

(Check the last part of the attached for some simple illustration of how this is done. All the code we use won’t be so hard or complex (both python and R I think ) )

It’s due 12/3, I think it’s not hard but will be a long-time work.

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