Bioengineering & Occupational Health

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Topic: Bioengineering & Occupational Health


Paper details:

Exposure to environmental conditions such as ultraviolet radiation, gamma radiation, xenobiotics, chemical pollutants, tobacco, smoke, drugs, heat, exposure to chemicals such as pesticides example rotenone and paraquat, are reported to cause detrimental effects to human health. This project aims to design and setup a tissue model that can be used to study occupational exposure, the effects of the exposure at a cellular and tissue level, and to formulate remediation against damages caused by the exposure. The objectives of the research are to: 1) to design and setup a tissue model; 2) to study occupational exposure; 3) to study the effects of the exposure at a cellular and tissue level; 4) to formulate remediation against damages caused by the exposure You need to present in about 1000 words an idea for your proposal covering the above objectives. • Identify an important area of occupational health in industry • Identify a toxic compound and a class of similar compounds and explain the health and toxic effects of these compounds • Identify the route of exposure and the tissues and organs that they affect • Suggest how exposure and toxicity should be studied so that we understand the mechanisms of toxicity on health effects and the dose- response relationship • List down at least 20 research papers to support your idea in your reference section that your • The occupational health issue should be one that pre-dominant in Asia Pacific region. • The thesis research must involve using invitro model- (lab based) using cell or tissue modeling. The facilities to conduct this research will be facilitated by the university. Your research idea should be novel!

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