“Body Scan” Reflection

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Describe the internal judgements that you have about your own physique  “Body Scan” Reflection Take a slow “full body scan,” start at one end and end at the other. Describe the internal judgements that you have about your own physique. Be as honest as you can. (Please remember that this is an academic and professional environment, choose carefully your vocabulary appropriately.) This is not intended to make you feel any particular way about yourself, the purpose is to experience the rollercoaster of opinions and internal dialogue each of us has about our own physical existence. Again, be as honest as you can, redo the scan and ask yourself where those opinions come from. In this portion of the assignment, really attempt to decipher how you came to the standard of appeal for that particular body part. Is it truly your opinion or has it been shaped and imposed by the ideals of an external dialogue ABOUT ME : • im african american • im tall •deep voice

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