Bolivia redo work and add answering questions and new election and what is happen in Bolivia

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You will need to answer question and write about it,


1- first page, second paragraph- The New ..,…,.., and Productive Model (NESEPM)–>( you need to examine to what extent the NESEPM applies and define election of the Latin american nonstructural model)

2-3rd paragraph, which economic section were nationalized by the government( They become part of the State the is on the nation!)

3-6th paragraph, define and explain these concept (inclusive- participatory- communitarian)

4-7th paragraph, you need to offense this: Why did 4 department want to secede?

5-8th paragraph, where is says (since the U.S…. – Q: What is the outcome of their diplomatic situation?)

6-9th paragraph, what is the IMF say of Bolivia`s macroeconomic performance and reduction of poverty?

7- paper need to discuss page 506-513( page picture will be added)

8-will there be run off (2nd term) in the Bolivia presidential election?

9-update of what happen in Bolivia and talks more in details of resign of Evo Morals and what the % rate for E. Morals in election and who the other opponent was and his rate of win.

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