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This assignment is important because it will showcase your ability to use technology and research to create your own discourse. More importantly, your research is important to the longevity of HBCUs  and other culturally-centered spaces. The report shall be 6 pages.

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After reading these articles, you are responsible for creation of a  6 page mid-term research paper. However, your works cited page should be on a separate page and will be at a separate date.

Your paper should follow MLA’s guidelines for in-text citations (see template). Remember, you have a targeted audience and must communicate, effectively, your opinion on these topics.  Here are some topic ideas: The Making of Second Class Citizens, She Make Him the Man, or Unmaking Us a Y’all Problem.

I am asking that you think about how “Blackness” is understood by these authors, in business and education, as well as, in literature and film. What are these modes of writing, professionally, saying about the gender and race? Try to answer at least one of these questions in your essay.

1.Brotherly Love Homosociality and Black Masculinity in Gangsta Rap Music


3.From New Black Realism to Tyler Perry The Characterizations of Black Masculinity in Tyler Perry’s Romantic Storylines

4.Queering Masculinity-1


6.Black Males and HBCUs

7.Redefining Masculinity

8.Queering Masculinity

9.Still Looking for My Jonathan Gay Black Men s Management of Religious and Sexual Identity Conflicts

*Let me know the other three you would like to write on and I will upload it Pdf form.

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