Business and Social Exclusion in the Global South

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Description THESE ARE THE ESSAY QUESTIONS 1. What is exclusion? (2 marks) 2. What are the pros and cons of exclusion? (mention at least 2 pros and 3 cons) (5 marks) 3. Mention at least 5 ways in which business practices are done differently in the Global South. (5 marks) 4. In what way does land exclusion in the Global South impede the development of socially responsible business? (3 marks) INSTRUCTIONS For each question, you are to answer each question with description and proof or reference to any of the articles below. you can use external references/sources as well just make sure it correlates with what you are explaining. BUT YOU NEED TO USE AT LEAST TWO OF THE SOURCES I LISTED BELOW. YOU ARE TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS IN AN ESSAY FORMAT SOURCES Hall, D., Hirsch, P., & Li, T. M. (2011). Introduction to powers of exclusion: land dilemmas in Southeast Asia. Hossein, C. S. (2013). The Black social economy: Perseverance of banker ladies in the slums. Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 84(4), 423-442. Meagher, K. (2009). Trading on faith: religious movements and informal economic governance in Nigeria. The Journal of Modern African Studies, 47(3), 397-423. Barnes, S. (2009). Religion, Social Capital and Development in the Sahel: The Niass Tijaniyya in Niger. Journal of International Affairs, 62(2), 209-221.

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