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Cyber Security 

Business Continuity Plan


1. Must contain 3 major sections: 30 OF 200 POINTS

Ø Planning for Cyber Security

Ø Managing Cyber Security 

Ø Security Assessment

2. Each area of concern listed below must be placed somewhere within one of the three sections.   Comprehensive and detail demonstrated for each area of concern.  1

Ø Best Practices

Ø Standards

Ø Plan of Action

Ø Security Governance

Ø Risk Management

Ø Security Management

Ø People Management

Ø Information Management

Ø Physical Asset Management

Ø Business Applications Management

Ø System Access

Ø System Management

Ø Network s and Communications

Ø Technical Security Management

Ø Threat and Incident Management

Ø Security Monitoring and Improvement

3. Grammar, readability, flow of content, and usability of plan: 

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