Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility – Ethical Dilemma

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Write a 2000-word essay (+/-10%). The table of contents, references and appendices are excluded from the word count. Please make sure the Title of the essay, your Student Number and the Word Count are included on the front page. Essay Question: Off Your Face on Facebook? (Crane, A. & Matten, D. (2016) Business Ethics, 4th Ed, Chapter 7, p.302) 20 Think about the case through the lens of relevant models of ethical decision-making. Identify the main ethical issues in this case. Evaluate the main arguments for and against the use of social network sites for potential employers in this situation? Discuss what ethical decision-making models and steps you, as a hiring manager/employer, can employ to finally make a decision in this situation? It is expected you will be able to find some relevant references (8-10) to support your discussion. Please ensure you use Harvard Referencing for citing your sources. For guidance on the Harvard Referencing Standard, please follow the link: Assessment Criteria 1. Organisation and presentation The structure of the essay is clear and logically organised, with appropriate use of subheadings and paragraphs. The essay sticks to the key focus of the question. A coherent and connected line of argument is developed. The essay is written in concise plain English with attention given to grammar and spelling. Appropriate references are given and a full bibliography is included. 2. Knowledge – theories, concepts, application The major issues and arguments are addressed. Theories, concepts and data are relevant and selected to support and illustrate the arguments. Use and application of theories, concepts and data are correct and support the interpretation being made. Sufficient and relevant references are consulted. 3. Evidence of critical thought The essay offers a comprehensive and critical evaluation of the results. The essay discusses the limitations of the theory in the context of the policies analysed and the wider literature.

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