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Find a small business owner to interview. The interview may take around an hour, so be prepared with several questions. The key topics of your interview should follow the student learning outcomes for the course. Here are those outcomes re-framed for the interview project:

  • Role/impact of innovation in the startup and continuing operations of the business
  • Role/impact of technology
  • Role/impact of politics, government, and/or regulation
  • Role/impact of the economy
  • Role/impact of the globalization of economies and businesses
  • Role of data and/or data analytics to the business
  • How the organization searches for opportunities/customers/clients

The final write-up should be around 750 to 1000 words. You may use direct quotes, but only sparingly. This means that if you submit a paper that includes the list of questions and only the direct responses from your interviewee, you will receive a zero on this assignment. You should also complete additional research to support and enhance the results of your interview. For example, if your interviewee says that a specific government regulation has hurt/helped their business, then you should find news stories, blogs, or other resources on the topic and include those in your report. You should use at least three external resources.

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