busnise law homework

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I need help with a Business Law question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

hi everyone i need the Diefinition and Example for the word for the word i”m listing

chapter 20 p 394:

-firm offer 382

-lease agreement 380

-lessee 380

-merchant 380

-output contract 382

-predominant-factor test 378

-requirements contract 382

-sale 378

-sales contract 376

chapter 22page 436:

-conforming goods 418

-cover 429
-cure 420

-perfect tender rule 419

-tender of delivery 418

the number in the frount are the page number you can find the Diefinition and Example …..

you have to get everything from the book

the book is : Business Law: Text and Cases – The First Course (MindTap Course List) 13th Edition

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