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I’m studying for my Zoology class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Question 1:

Discuss metabolic scaling. Think about all factors that contribute to metabolism and how these change with body size. For simplicity, use the prairie dog and bison as your examples.

Question 2:

Think about the organelles, the cells, and the tissues used in maintaining endothermic body temperatures. How are these different in a slow-moving sloth versus a cheetah that need burst of energy to chase prey?

Question 3:

Explain how the nervous system works. Start with the resting potential, describe a stimulus, and continue until the signal has affected a motor neuron. Be very specific.

Question 4:

We have discussed the blubber in whales a few times. With regard to the topics discussed, how does the breeding season fast affect whales and their blubber. Consider all physiological relevant topics.

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