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Review and critique the postings of two peers. Share an insight you gained regarding qualitative analysis by reviewing the post. Contrast your understanding of qualitative theories with the ideas presented in your peers’ postings   This article explores the environments and meanings of researcher partiality within a precisely racialized “field setting, the North American Indigenous Games. Drawing on literature of feminist critique and using the concepts of subjectivity and identity work. The article describes how “authentic Indianans” and “White privilege” affect the research process. Jacob’s (2016) debates the lack of studies that could provide more information in terms of the race, the demographic and values, as all of those may influence the results and theory within a study.  Obtaining information from fellow Native’s was the interest of collecting data/surveying in the indigenous culture. The article also describes how some researches exclude the “white man” and privileged them in their community. The Article statement, the author hopes to reveal additional understanding on power relations in the field. The article also explored “how identity work and research ethics were shaped by racialized power dynamics involving both researcher and research participants during data collection at the 2002 North American Indigenous Games (NAIG)”.The qualitative data for the survey was to measure the mental health, diabetes and overall physical activity amongst the Indigenous people; which is why the survey would not relate to the “Whites”.  Jacobs at times allowed “Whites” to participate due to feel annoyed and explaining that they would then try to use their white privilege on why it was unfair to not be part of the survey.  Other than a racial divide Jacobs; expressed that “suspicion of research” which was also a concern to the Natives as they feel betrayed by many and thought that Jacobs was surveying them to relay information to the government or to the “White Man”.  Which also affects the outcome of the survey as some may not have participated that would be beneficial and some may not tell the truth if they felt it would affect their community/reservation.   Jacob, Michelle M. (2006). When a native “goes researcher”: Notes from the North American Indigenous Games. American Behavioral Scientist, 50(4), 450.

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