Can you explain how a contemporary issue of justice

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Answer each question individually (200 words) 1. Can you explain how a contemporary issue of justice (e.g., diversion versus prosecution and restorative justice) attempts to focus on the interests of an individual compared to the overall concern of others? 2. If we were able to predict premeditated murders in the future by somehow scanning the minds of citizens, is this enough evidence to apprehend and take legal action against them? What would the major ethical perspectives say? Would you be for or against this? 3. What is the significance of the constitutional guarantee that an accused must be confronted with the witnesses against him or her? Can you think of a reason why this guarantee may not be a good idea? 4. What is the right of discovery? What reasons have been presented by some states in denying the defendant the right of discovery? How does Texas view the right of discovery? 5. If a life of meaning is characterized by many little-noticed deeds, rather than a few immortal deeds, how can these small deeds make a difference in huge social problems such as educational opportunity, poverty, and injustice? 6. The imposition of capital punishment has been marred by errors in convictions, racial discrimination, and other problems in its administration over the years. Do you believe these problems will ever be eliminated? If they were eliminated, would it be permissible to use capital punishment more frequently as a penalty for major crimes?

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