Capstone Project Week 1

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  Instructions Project: Synthesizing What I Have Learned in This Program As you begin your journey in this course, consider what you have learned throughout this program and how it can apply to your future work in the child development field. Synthesizing and reflecting on this knowledge will help you understand how far you have come, what is important to you, and what you want to do in your career. Keep in mind that although you have come a long way by successfully completing your coursework in this program, this part of your Capstone project will serve as preliminary thinking. You will continue to build on and inform the vision of your career and the professional contribution you would like to make to the field as you proceed through this course. Part 1: Professional Preparation You will first need to take time to review the Course Description list, revisit the textbooks you have read, and reflect on the coursework you completed. Which courses stand out for you as particularly strong learning experiences? Which readings, videos, media pieces, and websites changed the way you think about children, adolescents, families, child development, and key research, issues, and trends in the field? Which assignments stretched your thinking, opened up your mind, inspired further pursuits, and helped prepare you as an effective professional in the field of child development? To complete the assignment: Choose a minimum of five courses from the bachelor of science in child development program, summarize what you learned, and explain how this learning has informed your philosophy of child and/or adolescent development. Identify at least two specific research developments, issues, or trends that you came across during your coursework that were of particular interest to you. For each one, explain why it resonated with you and how the research development, issue, or trend might influence your professional path or affect your choices or work as a professional in the field of child development. Next, summarize how your learning throughout the BS in child development program will impact your effectiveness as professional working with children and/or adolescents. Then, choose a minimum of five books and/or readings from your courses that will definitely be a part of your professional library and explain why. Part 2: Professional Hopes and Dreams Based on what you have learned in the program about child development; research, issues, and trends in the field of child development; the principles of and methods for working with children, adolescents, and their families; and yourself, complete the following: As my career advances, I will be looking for a job in which I will have the opportunities to… Note: In order to successfully complete this part of the assignment, you are required to describe a minimum of three opportunities you are looking for in your next job. Assignment length: 3–4 pages (total, Parts 1 and 2) Submit this assignment by Sunday of this week. You have completed Week 1. Please proceed to Week 2.  

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