Capstone Week 6 Reflection

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  Reflection Imagine yourself 25 years from now. You have stayed in the field of child development, and you are indeed older and wiser. You have decided that it is now time to retire. Part 1: My Retirement Speech Write your retirement speech. Include the job(s) you have held in the field, the ways in which your career has represented your philosophy, the professional contribution(s) you made to the field and any messages you have for the people you have mentored along the way. In your speech, be sure to include at least one specific example of how you, in your career as a child development professional, fulfilled Walden University’s mission of effecting positive social change. Recall that Walden University defines this mission as “a commitment to improve the human and social condition by creating and applying ideas, strategies and actions to promote the worth, dignity and development of society.” Part 2: Remarks from My Colleagues Write at least five comments that you hope people will say about you at your retirement party, i.e., what you contributed to the field, how you approached your work, the quality of your relationships, the impact you made, what you inspired in others, etc. Be as specific as you can, and make sure that at least one comment relates to how you hope colleagues recall your efforts to effect positive social change. Assignment length: 2–3 pages Submit this assignment by Sundayof this week.

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