Case Analysis – Air France Internet Marketing

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Read the ‘Air France Internet Marketing’ PDF and complete your case analysis. case write-up may be less than 5 pages. (turnitin score<10%)
Attached the data analysis for various publishers. Use this data to answer below questions
Be prepared to discuss the following:

Q1. Should Media Contacts recommend a uniform strategy for Air France across search engine publishers? Or would it be more effective to tailor each publisher strategy to maximize return on investment?

Q2. How can campaigns be improved to increase overall value gained from investment with a search engine publisher? Should keywords be added or dropped from the campaign? Should campaign tactics or copy be adjusted to improve campaign performance?

Q3. What are the most important KPIs, and what impact will campaign changes have on these KPIs?

Q4. How should future SEM campaigns be structured? In the past, Media Contacts had concentrated on Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo; was there now an opportunity to optimize search advertising with metasearch companies such as Kayak?

Please make sure to cover –

1) summarize the key Business Analytics issues in the case; 2) make recommendations on how the issues should be handled; & 3) provide a justification for the recommendations.

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