Case Analysis for Inter-mountain Healthcare: Pursuing Precision Medicine

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Generally, a case analysis includes: 1.Statement of the problem/Identification of key issues a.This section may include the reasoning that lead to the identification of these issues as key or data that supports the idea that this is a significant problem 2.Analysis of the situation a.Internal/External Analysis b.Evaluation of the firm’s strategy 3.Alternative strategies a.Discuss other strategies/ideas that you considered (pros and cons of each idea can be a useful way to discuss these) 4.Recommendations a.Be sure to include WHY you are making these recommendations 5.Discussion of implementation issues and conclusions a.While you may have some great ideas, they must also be implemented! Be sure to discuss how! This could include data such as potential market opportunities or the estimated cost of an initiative. These are the typical issues that a case analysis covers. However, you may use whatever format you choose. Your written case analysis should be approximately 5 pages long.

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