Case Analysis: GAP Inc.

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Font: Times New Roman

Font Size: 11

Paragraph Alignment: Justified

Paragraph Indentation: 0.5 inch

Line Spacing: Double

Margins: 1 inch

1500 – 2000 words headings, sub headings not included

Analyze the case attached. Use one of the analytical tools from the attached list to make recommendations on what the company should do going forward to fix the issues outlined. Also find attach a outline of how the paper should flow. and questions that should be answered. THERE WILL BE 3 DOCUMENTS ATTACHED to aid you in writing this paper.

1. Outline

2. The Case

3. List of analytical tools

DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES OF ANY KIND!! there should be no need for references unless you are referencing the case itself. You can use google to help you understand any of the analytical tools but you do not need to reference a source to define what the analytical tool is that you chose to use. I WILL BE CHECKING FOR PLAGiARISM ! P.S. There is NO NEED for outrageously big words this is a college paper so sounding but this is not for a graduate program.

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