case study : recovery program for a rodent population on the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean.

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This case study describes a recovery program for a rodent population on the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean. After reading the case study above, your job is to formulate your own story incorporating some of the details and data provided while also drawing on several evolutionary concepts studied in class. A list of these concepts can be found at the end of this document.  There are no limitations on the details you can incorporate into your story, but it must follow some specific guidelines. Your story: • Should be 1200 words or less (remember that less is often more). • Should incorporate the data supplied in the case study. • Should incorporate at least one of the concepts from each group listed in the “Concept List.” As you incorporate each concept, you must demonstrate its relevance to your story. • Can be told in any form. For instance, one group designed a wiki describing the evolution and characteristics of the new species. Another presented the story as field notes collected from observing the animals in their natural habitat, while another presented the story as a series of experiments and observations made by groups of scientists over hundreds of years. Be creative. • Should account for the data on the organisms provided in the case study. It is acceptable to add more data as you develop your story as long as it fits into the patterns of the data provided. • Can include graphics and illustrations. Be sure to cite the source and give credit for the material, including material taken from the Internet. • Should include a scientific and common name for the rodent populations. In developing these names, make sure you use the rules for binomial classification. In addition, make sure that you put the rodents into an existing genus. You come up with the species names. • Needs a good title.

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