Recognize the traits

Recognize the traits, behaviors, and attitudes of a successful follower?

  1. Dimensions of leadership?

  2. Characteristics of followers

  3. Types of Charismatic Leadership?

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Strategy Diamond model

Strategy Diamond model (Economic logic, Differentiators, Staging, Vehicles, Arenas),

Using the discuss these element(s) for  Starbucks strategy.





How to respond calmly and appropriately to each question while demonstrating professionalism………… while someone is speaking negatively about your canna-business.

1. When getting ready to go to work, you see a local television station’s announcement of your new canna-business that seems to be negative and filled with unfair biases. How will you react?

2. You arrive at your canna business in the morning to find an anti-cannabis demonstration taking place at your front door. How will you react?

3. You are invited by a local pastor to help educate his congregation about your canna business. What sort of presentation will you deliver and what information will you share?

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two leadership behaviors

What two leadership behaviors or processes of adaptive leadership behaviors or activities are pivotal to mobilize people to tackle having to work remotely due to pandemic keeping employees motivated. provide examples.





advantages would Louisville City FC

 What specific advantages would Louisville City FC receive from moving to a new stadium? What specific disadvantages would the team experience with this move?


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leadership behaviors or processes of adaptive leadership behaviors

What two leadership behaviors or processes of adaptive leadership behaviors or activities are pivotal to mobilize people to tackle having to work remotely due to pandemic keeping employees motivated . provide examples.




to align workplace learning and training

1. How important is it to align workplace learning and training with the organizational strategy? Explain.

2. How could you evaluate methods of learning and development in your organization?

3. What is organizational learning? How could you analyze the impact of learning and development on an organization?

4. Suppose you are asked to examine and develop quality policies within an organizational learning framework. What would be your line of action?

5. How could you plan an effective learning strategy to support an organization’s overall strategy and policy requirements?

6. Research and identify appropriate technology and system requirements for an organizational learning strategy.

7. How could you analyze and align organizational learning strategy with HR (human resources) requirements?

8. Describe the procedures you would develop to liaise with educators, learners, and others to monitor learning and development strategies and relevant resources.




employee relations

“You work as the human resources manager of employee relations at a construction company. The company has several ongoing construction projects involving the supply and installation of all building materials for new commercial buildings. An employee of the company, a junior project coordinator, has had their first minor safety infraction where they were caught on-site without proper personal protective equipment (PPE). One of your specific duties in your own role as Manager of Employee Relations is to execute the company’s disciplinary process. As per company policy, which follows the Progressive Discipline system, a safety infraction is considered misconduct. You are about to meet with this employee to give them a Verbal warning. ”
For discussion:

-Fill in the verbal warning form with relevance to the employee’s incident.
-Layout the progressive discipline system as though you are explaining it to the employee for the first time.
-Explain what the next steps are after the verbal warning.
-Explain potential consequences if there are subsequent safety infractions.


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The Lemuel Iris Hotel

The Lemuel Iris Hotel is located in the capital city of a Central Busines District. In the past, its main clientele has been government officials and administrators in departments of state and managers of heavy industries visiting the capital on official government business. The room occupancy rate was on average 50%. This custom has declined somewhat in the last two years, but it has been more than replaced by business people from neighboring countries in the week and by foreign tourists at the weekend. Generally speaking, there is greater demand for catering staff at weekends since many tourists like to take lunch in the hotel’s restaurant.

However, there is lower demand for housekeeping staff at weekends as tourist customers generally stay for longer periods than business people and make fewer demands on this service. Currently, the hotel has 240 twin rooms but an extension is now being built and next year there will be 345 twin rooms altogether plus a revamped leisure club with a brand-new swimming pool and spa (run independently as a franchise).
The owning company, European Leisure Resorts, wishes to reposition the hotel, re-designing and re-branding the hotel as an up-market “boutique” hotel. A new name is proposed, “The Garden Court”. A new General Manager has been “head-hunted” from one of the top hotels and her mission is to transform the quality of the hotel while ensuring good value for money. During the last two years a number of international hotel groups have opened hotels in the city to cater for the new markets. All of these are known for their high standards of service. Prices are correspondingly high.

The management of LemuelIris Hotel believes that to compete, they need to improve the standard of service whilst pegging prices some 10% below their competitors. A survey of customers has indicated that customers would like the checking-in process to be made quicker, for service in the restaurants to be speedier and more friendly, and for the rooms and public areas to be decorated and furnished to a higher standard.

i) With the increasing demand from customers for quicker services, examine how the organization will select those employees to be trained to render these services (i.e needs assessment)
ii) A lower demand for housekeeping staff at weekends could imply a surplus of human resources. With your knowledge in Human Resource Planning, explain the effect of this on the organization as well as some strategies to be used in managing these excesses.




job specifications and job descriptions

1) What is the basic difference between job specifications and job descriptions?

a. Job specifications list observable actions, and job descriptions describe general qualities.

b. Job specifications look at a job’s activities, and job descriptions look at the qualities needed to do the job 

c. Job descriptions look at a job’s activities, and job specifications look at the qualities needed to do the job.

d. Job specifications define tasks, and job descriptions define responsibilities.

2) Davine is a human resource specialist. To gain competency in her field, she keeps up with business news related to human resource management. One area of the news she pays attention to is coverage of the cases the Supreme Court hears each year. Why would stories about the Supreme Court be relevant for Davine’s career?

a. The Supreme Court may pass laws regulating employment practices.

b. The Supreme Court may require federal contractors to engage in affirmative action.

c. The Supreme Court may issue executive orders related to employee safety.

d. The Supreme Court may issue rulings that interpret employment law.

3) The HRM function during downsizing is to terminate the workers who are

a. Performing multiple organizational roles.

b. Older than the other employees.

c. Less valuable in their performance.

d. Being paid the highest salaries.  

4) Daniel, the director of operations, strongly believes that human resource management (HRM) is critical to the success of organizations. Melissa, the CFO of the organization, opposes Daniel’s view because she thinks HRM is an unnecessary expense for the company. Which of the following statements weakens Melissa’s belief?

a. HRM is easily available for all companies to utilize.

b. HRM is highly substitutable and interchangeable.

c. HRM is indispensable for building a competitive advantage.

d. HRM ensures that persons with high levels of the needed skills and knowledge are easily found.

5) Information from observers should be used as a supplement to information from incumbents. Identify the statement that is most likely to support this argument.

a. Incumbents provide accurate information, but they may have the incentive to exaggerate what they do to appear more valuable to the organization.

b. Depending on external job analysts to supplement incumbents’ information could be risky due to the relative inexperience of the analyst involved.

c. Incumbents provide accurate estimates of the importance of job duties, whereas supervisors provide accurate information about the time spent on safety-related risk factors.

d. Incumbents are a logical source of information; however, they may not be able to provide precise information. 

6) Which of the following is true of the Occupational Information Network (O*NET)?

a. It was created by the US Department of Labor in the 1930s as a vehicle for helping the new public employment system link the demand and supply of skills in the US WORKFORCE.

b. It provides listings of fixed-job titles and narrow task descriptions.

c. It uses a common language that generalizes across jobs to describe the abilities, work styles, work activities, and work context required for various occupations.

d. It represents the first attempt made by the US Department of Labor to match the demand and supply of labor.

7)What agency is responsible for enforcing the executive orders that cover companies doing business with the federal government?

a. Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs.

b. Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

c. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

d. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

8) Which of the following categories of workers is not covered under OSHA’S Hazard Communication Standards?

a. Health-care workers exposed to latex and disinfectants.

b. A technician servicing copy machines for most of the day. 

c. A receptionist changing the toner in a copy machine.

d. Production engineers manufacturing car batteries.

9) Managing cultural diversity involves

a. Creating separate career tracks for employees with families.

b. Avoiding the use of affirmative action policies.

c. Encouraging career development for women and minorities.

d. Forming different pay structures for various groups.

10) One of the most common grievances that employees at Craines Tech have is that they don’t get performance feedback. That is, they don’t get proper information as to how they’ve performed and where they need to improve, and the performance goals are vague and not measurable. Which HR function does Craines Tech need to improve?

a. Employee Relations

b. Performance Management

c. Training and development

d. Recruitment and selection

11) In the context of human resource management, human capital refers to the

a. Cash, equipment, technology, and facilities that an organization uses.

b. Total budget allocated to the HR department in an organization.

c. Wages, benefits, and other cost incurred in support of HR functions in an organization.

d. Organization’s employees, which add economic value to the company.

12) Joshua, the HR manager at Potter Inc., has a clear understanding of the firm’s business. This enables him to comprehend the various needs of the business and help the company meet its goals for attracting, keeping, and developing employees with the required skills. This scenario indicates Joshua’s responsibility of

a. Providing business partner service.

b. Providing administrative support.

c. Creating a job design.

d. Preparing a job analysis.

13) The processing and transmission of digitized HR information, especially using computer networking and the internet, is known as

a. E-business.

b. Reengineering

c. Human resource information system implementation.

d. Electronic human resource management.

14) Which of the following HR activities is similar to analyzing a job that doesn’t yet exist?

a. Performance Appraisal.

b. Work redesign.

c. Human resource planning.

d. Job evaluation.

15) Which of the following is a true statement about Title VII of the Civil Act of 1964?

a. The act applies to organizations with 15 employees or more.

b. The act prohibits employers from discriminating against workers due to their age.

c. The act is enforced by the US Department of labor.

d. The act protects employers from employee threats.

16) What is the agency responsible for tracking changes in the composition of the IS labor force and forecasting employment trends?

a. National Statistics Association.

b. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

c. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

d. US Census Bureau

17) Nikita heads the human resource team at Strait Corp., a marketing firm with a diverse group of employees in three countries. She has knowledge about the cultures of the employees and applies that knowledge to build cooperation and resolve conflicts. She appreciates that all her employees bring different strengths to the company, and she helps to foster a climate in which all are encouraged to contribute. This scenario illustrates Nikita’s competency in the area of

a. Human resource expertise.

b. Ethical practice.

c. Critical evaluation.

d. Global and cultural effectiveness.


18) People’s right to freedom of speech is the right to

a. Gather only in designated areas at the designated time.

b. Do as they wish in their private life.

c. Criticize an organization’s ethics if they do it in good conscience.

d. Be treated only as they knowingly and willingly consent to be treated.

19) Which of the following approaches would be most appropriate when gathering information for jobs that are repetitive and involve physical activity?

 a. A manager imagines what a well-done job would look like.

 b. A job analyst questions the peers about a particular job.

 c.  A job analyst visits the workplace and asks employees to show what the job entails.

 d.  A job analyst visits the workplace and videotapes an employee performing the job.

20) Gabriel opened up a small business that prints custom T-shirts, mugs, and trophies. He trains his 15 employees have experienced an on-the-job injury or illness. Under the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health act, what must Gabriel post in the workplace?

 a. OSHA Small Business Handbook.

 b. Form 300A, a summary of work-related injuries and illnesses.

 c. OSHA Certificate of Compliance.

 d. Form 310A, Certification of Injury -Free Status.  

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