Capital Budgeting and the Cost of Capital


Module 3 – Case CAPITAL BUDGETING AND THE COST OF CAPITAL Assignment Overview SEE ATTACHED Case Assignment 1. The table below gives the initial investment and expected cash flows over the next five years for two different projects. Assume that the industry you are in expects a return of 10%, which you use as the discount rate in net present value (NPV) calculations and as the required rate of return for purposes of deciding on projects. Also, assume that management only wants to invest in projects that pay off within four years. For each project, compute the payback period, NPV, and internal rate of return (IRR). Then explain whether each project should be accepted based on these three criteria. Project A Project B Initial Investment $40,000 $28,000 Year Cash Flows 1 $10,000 $10,000 2 $10,000 $13,000 3 $10,000 $5,000 4 $10,000 $5,000 5 $10,000 $6,000 2. Suppose you are planning on becoming a vendor at the arena where your favorite sports team plays. You are trying to decide between opening up a souvenir stand selling T-shirts, caps, etc., with your sports team’s logo or opening up a hot dog and beer stand. It is more expensive to open up the hot dog and beer stand because you need to purchase a license to serve alcohol and you need to spend money to comply with health department regulations. Revenue from the souvenir stand is likely to be unpredictable because fans of your favorite team tend to want to purchase hats and Tshirts only when the team is winning. Revenue from hot dogs and beer seem to be a little more steady since fans want to eat and drink regardless of whether the team is winning. Below is a table with the initial investment cost of each type of stand and the annual payments you expect over the next five years. The annual payments will be different depending on how well your team does. Therefore, you will estimate how much cash flow you will get depending on whether your team does better than expected (optimistic), the same as the past few years (most likely), and worse than expected (pessimistic). Use a discount rate of 8%. Based on the table below, answer the following items: A. Calculate the net present value (NPV) for each type of stand under each of the three scenarios. Calculate the range of possible NPV values for each type of stand. B. Based on your answer to A) above and your own guesses about how well you think your favorite team will do over the next five years, which type of stand would you rather invest in? Souvenir Stand Hot Dog and Beer Stand Initial Investment $100,000 $150,000 Annual Cash Inflows (5 Years) 9

Outcome Pessimistic $30,000 $50,000 Most likely $50,000 $60,000 Optimistic $70,000 $70,000 3. Suppose you are a corn farmer in your home state. You have to decide between two projects. One project is to purchase new equipment for your farm that will help boost your profits for the next 10 years. You also find out that you can purchase a large banana farm in Brazil for the same price as the equipment, and at the current market price for bananas you will make a lot more profit than you would from purchasing new corn farming equipment. After asking around, you find out that the standard discount rate for evaluating the NPV of the farming project is 6%. Most farmers in your home state seem to use this rate successfully. However, you don’t know any other banana farmers and you don’t know too much about farming in Brazil, so you have to make a guess on an appropriate discount rate for the Brazilian banana farm. Based on the concepts from the background readings, would you say the Brazilian banana farm will need a lower or higher discount rate? A lot larger or smaller, or only a little? 4. Calculate the following: A. The cost of equity if the risk-free rate is 2%, the market risk premium is 8%, and the beta for the company is 1.3. B. The cost of equity if the company paid a dividend of $2 last year and is expected to grow at a constant rate of 7%. The stock price is currently $40. C. The weighted average cost of capital (WACC) if the company has a total value of $1 million with a market value of its debt at $600,000 and a market value of its equity at $400,000. Its cost of debt is 6% and its cost of equity is 15%. The tax rate it pays is 25%. 5. Suppose you own a chain of dry cleaners and the WACC you’ve been using to make decisions on new purchases of dry cleaning equipment is a steady 9%. Recently, gambling has been made legal in your home town so you decide to expand and open up a casino. Should you use the same WACC to evaluate purchases of casino equipment? Why or why not? What are some alternatives to using the same WACC to make decisions on casino equipment? Explain your reasoning, and make references to concepts from the background reading

The diversity and social complexity of Africans before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

write a three page essay that describes the diversity and social complexity of Africans before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. 1)the student cited at least three scholary sources in their three page essay 2)this essay is for history 41,african american history 3)Unickeck will be the plagiarism detection system 4)three page essay in Chicago style 5)strong thesis statement 6)the student includes footnotes ,bibliography,and a title page 7)double spaced 8)do not use any block quotes 9)one of the sources has to be Freedom on my mind ,A history of African Americans with documents Author:Deborah Gray White,Mia Bay,AND Waldo E.Martin Jr.

Realism and the End of the Nineteenth Century

Realism and the End of the Nineteenth Century Asian and African art greatly influenced modern art. Thoroughly explain how and why this happened, and provide detailed examples of this influence. Do this using ONLY the examples that Soltes discusses and explains in his lectures. Do not use Internet sources for inspiration nor as help.

Teaching Arabic as a Second Language


Teaching Arabic as a Second Language

Create an Annotated Bibliography for your special field with 15 references, commencing with a framing rationale for your selection. (It is connecting to the dissertation ID 1601492469) including an introduction and connecting to the special field.

Key health facing Australian society


Look through a Marxist lens at type 2 diabetes as a health issue among Indigenous Australians. Apply concepts from sociology and anthropology to understand this health issue. Analyse social, cultural and environmental determinants to demonstrate the how and why type 2 diabetes is such a major issue among Indigenous Australians. Make recommendations to address this disease drawing on analysis and application of theory. There MUST be a minimum of five peer reviewed academic journal articles along with other references.

Culture, Migration, and the Rise of Nationalism

 Review the article that you select from the above resources and write a 375-500 words memo that explores the specific issues that are discussed in the article. You are required to cite the article that you selected and add a Reference at the bottom of the last page of your memo in APA form and style.

Business Plan Presentation (5 years)

Prepare a project based on a company of your choice, it can be real or a project of your choice. (Medium or small sized maybe, any company) Start the project with a SWOT analysis and a brief presentation of the strategic position that should be used as a starting point for budget preparation. Prepare an excel sheet with the forecasts of each and every one of the lines of the income statement. In other words, an excel sheet with the detail of sales by customers, indicating the assumptions used for both units and prices. Another sheet for the forecast of production expenses in detail and explanation of direct and indirect expenses, and so on. Please explain in detail the assumptions you use to make the budget. Make a forecast for all balance accounts explaining what the assumptions are.

“Doing Honest Work inCollege: How to Prepare Citations, Avoid Plagiarism, and Achieve RealAcademic Success”, by Charles Lipson.

write an essay about the book,You are required to write an essay about the book, “Doing Honest Work inCollege: How to Prepare Citations, Avoid Plagiarism, and Achieve RealAcademic Success”, by Charles Lipson. You must obtain your own copy of thebook, at your own expense, either through a library, on-line, or through a bookstore.This paper should be at least 1,250 words and address the following questions:• What was beneficial about the book? What about the book was not beneficial?• What insight did you gain about yourself from reading the book?• What did you learn from the author that you could apply to your own life?• Mr. Lipson’s book is about academic integrity. Why does academic integrity matter?• Mr. Lipson also provides some basic points to consider when using the Internet forresearch. What are they and what suggestions does he offer to handle these problems?• While in college, do you consider how your actions and lifestyle choices will affectyou in the future? If yes, how does this affect your behavior? If no, why not?• List the priorities you have in school, starting with the most important to youcontinuing down to the least important. Where do academics fall on that list?• What insight have you gained in regard to your behavior, communication style,relationships, and perspective in life?• What steps are you going to take to better manage your time?• Would you recommend that I have students read this book for similar violations?Please explain.

Based on either the Situational Leadership or Path-Goal model, do you have any recommendations for how your supervisor could change their leadership style?

Paper details:

For the Module 2 SLP assignment you will continue to apply the concepts from the background materials to your own personal experiences in the workplace. Think carefully about Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership model and the four leadership styles of Directing, Coaching, Supporting, and Delegating. Then consider the styles of one or more of the supervisors you have worked with, and reflect upon whether or not their style changed depending on the situation. After doing some reflecting on your own experiencing and reviewing the background materials, write a 2- to 3-page paper addressing the following issues: 1. Take a look at the four developmental levels D1-D4 discussed in Avery (2004). Which of these levels best describes the developmental level of your supervisor’s full team? 2. How would you describe the tasks required of your supervisor’s full team? Are they structured or unstructured? 3. Overall, how well does your supervisor’s leadership style match with the developmental level of their team and the characteristics of the team’s tasks? Consider the Situational Leadership model for developmental level and the Path-Goal model for task characteristics in your answer. 4. Based on either the Situational Leadership or Path-Goal model, do you have any recommendations for how your supervisor could change their leadership style? SLP Assignment Expectations Follow the assignment instructions closely and follow all steps listed in the instructions. Stay focused on the precise assignment questions; don’t go off on tangents or devote a lot of space to summarizing general background materials List supporting references and cite sources in proper format. Use appropriate writing style in essay form (organization, grammar, and spelling). Include both a bibliography and in-text citations. See the Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality Academic Paper, including pages 11-14 on in-text citations. Another resource is the “Writing Style Guide,” which is found under “My Resources” in the TLC portal.

Leadership theory in nursing

 For this assignment, you will choose a leadership theory that aligns with your philosophy on nursing leadership. Reflect on how you have grown throughout your nursing career, including the time you have spent pursuing your baccalaureate degree. Choose a leadership theory that best matches your beliefs as a baccalaureate-prepared registered nurse. Define and explain your chosen leadership theory. Discuss how your leadership philosophy has evolved throughout your nursing career and how you envision yourself as a leader in the future. Provide examples of how you have and will use this theory as a nurse leader. Instructions All written assignments must be typed (double-spaced), and APA style must be used where appropriate. This is a personal philosophy; therefore, you may write in first person. References should not be older than five years, except in cases where the reference is considered a classic in the particular field. Review guidelines and rubric found in the syllabus. Submit this assignment as a Word document It will be processed through Turnitin in Canvas The assignment will be considered late if not submitted by the due dates. Late points will be assessed according to the student handbook