Character And Moral Development

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2 to 3 page narrative essay APA Format No Plagiarism Review the program descriptions for each of the different Rising Star School early education programs offered. Read about Character Development and Moral Development theory and the subsequent implications for early childhood development programs Huitt, W. (1997). Moral and character development. Educational Psychology Interactive. Valdosta, GA: Valdosta State University. Retrieved March 2012 from Heydon, R. M., & Wang, P. (2006). Curricular ethics in early childhood education programming: A challenge to the Ontario kindergarten program. McGill Journal of Education, 41(1), 29-46 Drawing from the information provided in the assigned background readings and resources prepare a critique of Rising Star program—with respect to the extent and manner in which each individual program and the comprehensive program sequence fosters the character and moral development of the young child.  Your critique must address (but is not limited to) each of the following items: Based upon the program descriptions provided by Rising Star, does each phase of the program appear to foster the moral/character development of the young child as theorized based on the background readings.   If YES—Explain.  If NO—Provide a modified (or, entirely new) overview of the program—similar to the existing overview—that DOES suggest that the program fosters the character development of the young child.  Determine if and how the comprehensive program sequence in line with the Stages of Character Development.   If YES—Explain. If NO—Modify each program description accordingly/as needed.  Provide a detailed example of the type of activity that should be included in each of these programs that fosters the character development of the young child—at the developmentally appropriate level.

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