Chemical Dependency

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 For this assignment, you will be asked to abstain from a mood-altering chemical, alcohol, substance, type of food, or activity for 7 days. Examples of mood-altering chemicals include sugar, nicotine, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, etc. An activity can include things like watching television, spending time on the computer, not using social media, not watching YouTube videos, not texting, not swearing, something related to your daily routine, etc. Another option for this assignment is to incorporate a new daily activity such as implementing a diet, exercise routine, practicing something related to daily self-care, or another behavioral modification. Please choose something that is challenging for you to abstain from as this will help you in working with this population much more than if you choose something that is easy to change. The purpose of this proposed abstinence is to assist you in understanding what individual entering treatment experience in their recovery. You are to develop a plan for dealing with the difficulties of abstinence, including the possibility of relapse. Please remember that you WILL NOT be graded on your success or failure in abstaining but on your growth in understanding yourself and understanding the multifaceted issues involved in addictions. It is very important that you make your best effort to abstain for the full week. Please keep a journal to track your symptoms of the following dimensions that we will discuss later in the semester. This is a comprehensive list to provide you with things to think about, but do you not have to cover every question listed. The ASAM Criteria uses six dimensions to create a holistic, biopsychosocial assessment of an individual to be used for service planning and treatment across all services and levels of care. It is important to understand the differences between the six dimension that are used to record a client’s progress in treatment and/or recovery. The six dimensions are: DIMENSION 1: ACUTE INTOXICATION AND/OR WITHDRAWAL POTENTIAL Did you experience any of the following symptoms? PSYCHOLOGICAL • VARIABLE ENERGY • CONFUSED • INDIFFERENT • RESTLESSNESS • SADNESS • MOOD SWINGS • LOW ENTHUSIASM • DEPRESSED • NERVOUSNESS • SLUGGISH • NOSTALGIC RECALL • ANXIETY • VARIABLE CONCENTRATION • DISTURBED SLEEP • HAVING USING DREAMS • TENSE • HAVING NIGHTMARES • IRRITABILITY • DISCONNECTED • DISTRACTED • PANICKED • UNMOTIVATED • PARANOIA • TIREDNESS • ANGRY • FOGGY • RACING THOUGHTS • WANT TO LEAVE • AGITATION PHYSICAL • FATIGUE • HEADACHES • MUSCLE ACHES • SENSITIVITY TO PAIN • LOSS OF INTEREST • CLAMMY • FEELING COLD • HYPERSOMNIA • NAUSEA • TREMORS • INCREASE IN APPETITE • DIARRHEA • FIDGETY • INSOMNIA • RASH • WEAKNESS • ITCHY EYES • DRY MOUTH • LOSS OF APPETITE • LETHARGY • SWEATING • VOMITING • RUNNY NOSE How would you rate your cravings on each day on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the strongest? What would you say were the strongest triggers associated with your cravings? Did you substitute your selection with something else? DIMENSION 2: BIOMEDICAL CONDITIONS AND COMPLICATIONS Do you have any medical conditions that were negatively or positively impacted by your abstinence? Did you have any difficulty sleeping throughout the week? How was your appetite throughout the week? How was your energy level throughout the week? How was your ability to care for yourself during your period of abstinence?

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