Child Development assignment

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  1. Download the following document: MemoryStudy_Intro&Methods_F19-1.docx (I ATTACHED THIS IN THE FILES SECTION BELOW)
  2. Edit the document so that is it in APA style
  3. Change the participants section to accurately reflect our sample (size, gender breakdown, age breakdown, etc).
  4. Re-upload the document as a WORD DOCUMENT.

EDIT: You only need to change the following sentence in the method section:

Participants (N = 270) were divided into two age groups: 124 Young elementary school students from Grades 1-2 (45 males, 74 females, 5 unknown gender) and 146 Old elementary school students from Grades 3-5 (68 males, 75 females, 3 unknown gender).

Please don’t forget the change the above sentence with the correct numbers as well in the actual paper & please correct it so it is APA format! Teacher is very strict on APA

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