Chinese Civilization

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Discussion postings should be one substantial paragraph in length and should reflect your own critical interpretation of the primary texts. Read materials i upload and required reading, and you also need to read many other materials related to the topic. There are 3 questions total, each picture choose 1 question from 2. please write as long as you can. required reading: Ebrey, Patricia Buckley, Cambridge Illustrated History of China, 2nd ed., Cambridge University Press, 2010. Ebrey, Patricia Buckley, Chinese Civilization: A Sourcebook, 2nd ed., revised and expanded. The Free Press, 1993. picture 1 *The Classic of Mountains and Seas (Shanhaijing), “The Classic of the Great Wilderness: The West,” p. 171–178; *The Songs of the South (Chuci), “Heavenly Questions” (“Tianwen”), p. 122–151; *Huainanzi 6.7–6.8, p. 223–229; Early Chinese Philosophy (Sourcebook 6–8); The Zhou Dynasty and Early Chinese Philosophy Readings: Ebrey, Ch. 2, p. 30–59 Sourcebook 6 (Confucian Teachings); 7 (Daoist Teachings); 8 (Legalist Teachings) picture 2 Ebrey, Ch. 3, p. 60–85 Sourcebook: 11 (Penal Servitude in Qin Law); Ebrey, Ch. 3, p. 60–85 Sourcebook: 12 (The World Beyond China); 13 (Heaven, Earth, and Man); 14 (The Debate on Salt and Iron); 15 (The Classic of Filial Piety); 17 (Women’s Virtues and Vices); 18 (Yin and Yang in Medical Theory); Han Thought and Historiography (Sourcebook 12–15, 17, 18) picture 3 Ebrey, Ch. 4, p. 86–95 Sourcebook: 24 (Cultural Differences Between the North and South); Ebrey, Ch. 4, p. 95–107 Sourcebook: 21 (Ge Hong’s Autobiography); 22 (Buddhist Doctrines and Practices); 23 (Tales of Ghosts and Demons); *De Bary vol. 1: Ch. 14 “Daoist Religion” (p. 392–414); Ch. 15 “The Introduction of Buddhism” (p. 415–432); Buddhism and Religious Daoism (Sourcebook 22 and De Bary, Ch. 14–15)

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