Choose 3 questions from the list below and needs to be 6 pages max. History exam.

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Each student MUST answer THREE of the provided essay questions.

Each of your essays needs to be AT LEAST two typed pages (500 words minimum, 6 pages MINIMUM for the entire exam).

Type out the entire question you are answering.

Exams should be double-spaced in a 10- or 12-point font.

In developing your essays, be sure to:

Make reference to ALL of your course readings when possible.

Include specific factual information and evidence whenever possible.

Keep to the questions asked.

Avoid over-generalizations or sweeping statements without sufficient proof (e.g. life was hard for the Jamestown colonists)

Include an INTRODUCTION (a statement of the main points you believe answers the question)

Include a THESIS STATEMENT (a statement that can standalone that can tell the reader what you are going to prove

Include a BODY (a statement of facts and evidence that you believe justify the points you make in your introduction

Include a CONCLUSION (a restatement of your main points and a brief retelling of the facts and evidence that you used in the body of your essay

Check your spelling and grammar (they do count!)

Proofread, proofread, and proofread again!

– Please give credit where credit is due. If it is NOT common knowledge, you must cite it!

Answer THREE of the following in clear, coherent essays:

1. What advantages did the European settlers possess over the Native Americans, if any?

2. When we discuss the thirteen English colonies, we must distinguish between the motives of the settlers and the motives of the English government. What motives led the English people to settle in the New World? What motives led the English government to encourage settlement in the New World?

3. How did geographic features influence the way the colonists earned a living?

4. Was life in the English colonies similar to or different from life in England and continental Western Europe? Explain.

5. In what ways did the colonists oppose British policies in the years prior to the American Revolution?

6. Write an essay describing the wartime problems faced by the colonists during the American Revolution.

7. What factors enabled the colonists to achieve such an astounding victory in the American Revolution?

8. How was the American Revolution a social revolution?

9. What were the domestic AND worldwide effects of the American Revolution?

10. Although the government under the Articles of Confederation had many weaknesses and was soon discarded, it also compiled a real record of achievement. Would you agree? Why or why not?

11. Although the Federalist Party compiled a record of considerable achievement while in power, it lost the election of 1800 and thereafter disappeared as a political party.

a) Discuss THREE achievements of the Federalist Party

b) Discuss TWO factors that led to the downfall of the Federalist Party.

12. As Chief Justice, John Marshall molded the Supreme Court so that it has played a major role in shaping American institutions.

For each of THREE cases decided while Marshall was Chief Justice:

a) State ONE principle that the Supreme Court established

b) Explain why this principle is important today

13. Some historians claim that the War of 1812 was “rash and unnecessary” for the United States.

a) Evaluate TWO causes of the war to show whether or not each supported the claim of “rash and necessary”.

b) Discuss TWO results of the war to show whether or not each benefited the United States.

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