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1. Choose a current advocacy topic related to children and their families.(6a)

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a. Read the attached advocacy handout to help with topic selection.

b. Choose a topic that you are passionate about and involves you in the early childhood


2. Select 2 or more professional resources from scholarly journals/websites where the author(s)

describe and provide information and/or results of researched-based investigations on your

advocacy topic. (6a) (GEG 6)

a. Go to the CCAC library website link to learn more about research resource selection:

b. Go to the CCAC library databases to begin your search:

3. Introduce current research topic selection with:

a. reasons for the choice,

b. relevance to you professionally, and

c. professional relevance in working with young children and their families.

4. Briefly summarize the advocacy topic and focus of the research selected through a typed, onepage abstract. (6c)

5. Reflect on your research materials along with the abstract to draw a professional conclusion

from the information you read. (6d)

6. Cite each resource by including a full APA style reference list at the end of your assignment. (6c)

a. APA citation style guide:

7. Share your research findings on this advocacy topic. (6e)

a. Possibilities may include: letter writing, social media, multi-media, community

presentation, etc.

b. Individual instructors will provide directions.

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