choose one question between these 4 questions “READ THE REQUIREMENTS” VERY IMPORTANT

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-Use both primary AND secondary sources. All required texts will be attached here.

-DO NOT use any other sources but the ones attached here.

-Answer the question specifically, do not make it too broad.

-Have good structure with a beginning, a middle and an end.

-Each paragraph needs to be organized around a theme.

-Every claim MUST be supported by the primary sources (attached here) and must be cited accordingly.

-Make fluent to read arguments

-Use lecture Power Points as a guide (will be attached here) make sure the lecture notes are referenced

  1. either: how important was Petrach to the emergence of Renaissance humanism ? OR . What were the main themes of Petrach’s moral and political writing
  2. either: what was Florentine ‘ civic’ chumanism?. OR What did liberty mean to the Florentine civic humanists and why did they think it was so important?
  3. how did Renaissance humanists apply the lessons of classical rhetorical theory in their own texts? discuss with reference to the writings of at least TWO humanists.
  4. why did Renaissance writers think that the study of history was important?

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