Circuit design lab 6

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Someone has been stealing candy out of the candy bowl without permission. This project is to build and test a light operated candy bowl alarm system. The system uses a green LED to project light on a photoresistor. When a hand reaches into the candy bowl, the hand will block the light beam and an alarm will sound. Removing the hand and allowing the light to shine on the photoresistor again will not stop the alarm from sounding. The only way to reset the system is to activate the hidden alarm reset signal.

This lab will use several new components. First is the active buzzer. The back of the active buzzer and does not have a circuit board showing.

When 5 Volts is applied to the active buzzer, it will sound the alarm. Be sure to wire the active buzzer with correct polarity. The positive side is indicated with a +and is the pin nearest the edge of the package. The frequency and volume of the buzzer are fixed and cannot be changed.

Another new component is the photoresistor.

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