City Analysis PAPER (population, demographics, key institutions, history

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Description Brief description of the city and its political system (population, demographics, key institutions, history)  Overall description of the city’s political environment, key debates shaping historical and modern governance, trends affecting political culture and identification of issues affecting future development. o Is the city’s political environment contentious? Why or why not? o What are the three main issues that have historically affected political discussion (e.g. education, housing, transit, race etc…)? Defend your assessment with content from your sources. o In your opinion, how, if at all, do the issues of race, gender, class, and ethnicity play a role in the city’s politics? o What urban theories does the political history, culture and environment of the city reflect? Provide examples to support your analysis. _______________________ You will be graded based on the following   Punctuation, grammar, formatting  Answering each question completely  Choosing a comprehensive, well-developed set of articles/news stories  Using APA Citation style  Integrating the articles with the course readings and your personal analysis

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