Civic Engagement

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1. In your opinion, should Americans be required to take the Oath of Allegiance to America when they register to vote? Why or why not? 2. In your opinion, should the United States offer dual national citizenship? Why or why not? 3. With the emphasis on social studies as a subject declining in schools, how can we make sure our youth learns the importance of knowing about their government and civic engagement in a constitutional democracy? 4. How is technology affecting the America’s civic life both positively and negatively? 5. In your opinion, to help with the immigration problem, should the Fourteenth Amendment be changed so that children of aliens do not automatically acquire citizenship merely by being born in the United States? Why or why not? 6. Choose a current civil rights movement on the list and do research on the movement. Name of movement How was movement organized/Leaders What are the objectives of the movement? How are those objectives related to the principles in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? What role does public education play in the movement? Has the movement used or supported civil disobedience to achieve its goals? Explain

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