CMP_SC 2270 Introduction to logic system lab quiz

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Can you help me understand this Computer Science question?

This is a lab quiz. And I put two files here which are lab introduction and all questions in the quiz.

Here is the introduction :I. Objective

To gain experience in using the LogicAid software tool for logic simplification.

II. LogicAid Help

The LogicAid software can be downloaded from:
l For input selection, click “Input” button then chose the type input.
l For POS and SOP simplification click “Routine” then “Simplification”.
l For logic function simplification with K-map input, click “KMap” and choose “Derive Min Equation from Map”.l Selections including number of variables and SOP or POS forms need also be made on pop-up menus.

l For additional information click “Help” then “LogicAid Help”

So the whole introduction is in the first file.

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