CMPSC 211 assignment 6 room scheduler

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The assignment discription is in the uploaded files underneath are some supporting materials. There are multiple videos that I can’t upload through studypool, you can give me a email address so that I can send you all the

Programming Assignment 6 Test Script

This is a scenario that you can use to test Programming Assignment 6. It is not an exhaustive test, but tests almost all of the conditions your program should handle.

When you submit your PA 6, all the tables in the database should be empty except the Rooms Table and the Dates Table. The Rooms table should contain three rooms, such as 101 with 60 seats, 102 with 40 seats, and 201 with 20 seats, which will be used in this script. The Dates table should contain two dates, which will be expressed as date1 and date2 in this script.This scenario assumes that is the case.

The faculty names will be a, b, c, d, etc. to simplify input and this script.
The dates will be real dates but will be represented in this script by the symbolic names date1 and date2.


-Add faculty a
Note: after adding a faculty, the faculty should appear in the drop down list on the Reserve panel.

-Add faculty b

-Add faculty c

-Add faculty d

-Add faculty e

-Reserve a, date1, 20

  • a reserves room 201

-Reserve b, date1, 50

  • b reserves room 101

-Reserve c, date1, 50

  • c gets waitlisted

-Reserve d, date1, 40

  • d reserves room 102

-Reserve e, date1, 20

  • e gets waitlisted

-Reserve c, date2, 20

  • c reserves room 201

-Status date1

  • a reserved 201
  • b reserved 101
  • d reserved 102

-Status date2

  • c reserved 201

-Status Waitlist

  • c date1 50
  • e date1 20

General conditions of testing:

  • the results of any action are displayed to the user immediately after the action is performed without the user needing to check Status.
  • All affected combo boxes are updated immediately after each action is performed.

Creating a timestamp field in Java

The following is sample code to insert a Timestamp field into a table column:

// declare a timestamp field.
java.sql.Timestamp currentTimestamp = new java.sql.Timestamp(Calendar.getInstance().getTime().getTime());

// use the timestamp in an insert to the wait list.
getWaitList = dbConnection.prepareStatement(“insert into waitlist (flight, day, customerName, timeStamp) values (?, ?, ?)”);
getWaitList.setString(1, entry.getFlightName());
getWaitList.setString(2, entry.getDay());
getWaitList.setString(3, entry.getCustomerName());
getWaitList.setTimestamp(4, currentTimestamp);
count = getWaitList.executeUpdate();

Make sure the column in the database table is specified as Timestamp and not Time.

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