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1 – What three factors help you identify the need for coachin?

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2 – How should you identify specific coaching needs and organise coachin sessions?

3 – What are two things you should explain to the trainee at the very beginning of your first coaching session?

4 – When should you demonstrate and explain skills at the same time?

5 – What important knowledge should you communicate to your trainee before or during a coaching session?

6 – How do organisational procedures support coaches?

7 – n your coaching session, what should you do after you’ve explained, demonstrated and reviewed the skill?

8 – n your coaching session, what should you do after you’ve explained, demonstrated and reviewed the skill?

9 – How do you follow up the outcomes of the coaching session afterwards?

10 – Who should you inform about the coaching session and report the trainee’s progress to?

11 – What should you do if you identify performance problems or have difficulties with the coaching?

Short answer

1 – You are the supervisor of a team. How could you identify the coaching needs of your team members?

2 – Other than your direct tor onion omgomg observation, how else can the need for coaching be identified?

3 – Jen works at the front desk in a large resort. Read her discussion with her new colleague, Mary. Identify Mary’s specific coaching needs.

Jen:   ‘Morning, Mary. How are you going? Are you finding everything OK?’

Mary:  ‘Mostly. I’ve got the registration system down and know how to process payments, but a guest just told me that one of the ladies’ toilets is blocked. Who am I supposed to tell about that? Is there a form I need to fill out or something?

4 – Write in your own words a key objective for Mary’s coaching session. Include the scope of training in the objective.

5 – Identify four actions to take when using active listening techniques to build rapport, show sensitivity, confirm understanding of job tasks, identify deficiencies and resolve them.

6 – You can break your coaching session down into six simple steps which incorporate the key principles of training. List these steps in order.

7 – Prior to commencing a coaching session, you need to explain the overall purpose and objectives of the coaching to your colleague. What are two things you have to explain to them?

8 – List three legislative requirements a coach may need to communicate to trainees prior to or during a coaching session.

9 – What are five techniques you should use while demonstrating and explaining skills to your colleague during the coaching session.

10 – Describe four methods you can use to review what the trainee has learned and check their understanding of knowledge and skills.

11 – List three things you should do while your colleague is demonstrating and practising the skill.

12 – It’s important to give colleagues feedback in a constructive and supportive manner. Describe a ‘feedback sandwich’.

13 – Identify six ways you can evaluate and assess a trainee’s demonstration or performance.

14 – List four ways you can provide meaningful recognition when a trainee performs particularly well.

15 – What are six potential causes of performance problems or difficulties you or your trainee may experience?

16 – What are five techniques you can use to rectify a breakdown of communication with a trainee.

17 – List six things you can do to help overcome a trainee’s shyness or lack of confidence.

Task 1

1 – How was the need for coaching identified?

2 – What communication techniques can you use when discussing Xian’s needs with him?

3 – Your discussions have identified that Xian needs coaching on how to correctly lift and carry boxes. He understands how to use a truck trolley and where the stock is to be stored in the storeroom. The correct procedure was explained to him some time ago but he has forgotten it. Explain the overall purpose of the coaching session to Xian.

4 – What steps will you follow when delivering coaching to Xian or any of your other colleagues? Briefly explain what occurs at each step in these key principles of training.

5 – You decide to develop a simple coaching plan to make sure you cover all necessary information and skills. Complete the table to describe how you will deliver your coaching session. Use your workplace or training environment’s organisational procedures when completing the plan or research correct lifting and carrying procedures.

Seq = The sequence in which the coaching topics will be delivered.

Topic / steps = The topic to be discussed and/or demonstrated or steps to complete the following task as per relevant organisational procedures or standard work practices.

Key knowledge = Required knowledge that supports the successful application of the task(s), such as WHS or hygiene requirements.

Resources required = Resources required to deliver the coaching, including large and small equipment, stock, ingredients, documentation, machinery.

6 – What are two questions you can ask after explaining and demonstrating the correct procedure to check Xian’s understanding?

7 – Xian has received coaching and has practised the skill several times. You observe that he initially completed the procedure correctly, but is now tending to bend his back more each time he lifts or lowers the boxes. He is completing all other steps as per the organisational procedure correctly, especially when carrying the load from the delivery point to the storeroom.

You are about to give him feedback on his performance. Write what you will say to Xian when giving him feedback.

8 – It’s two weeks later and you have been observing Xian move boxes of stock into the storeroom. You are very pleased to see that he is using correct lifting and carrying techniques. However, this is a larger than normal delivery with many boxes to be transferred to the storage area. It will take him over an hour to transfer them all if he carries them individually. It will also be a physically strenuous task. What supportive assistance or advice can you give him in this situation? Write what you would say to Xian. Visit

9 – As the coaching is related to workplace health and safety procedures, a formal record of the training must be kept. Complete the training evaluation and progress report with details about Xian’s coaching

10 – You conduct exactly the same coaching session with another relatively new employee, Renee, the next time stock is delivered. This session doesn’t go as smoothly as Xian’s. Renee watches your demonstration but has difficulty describing the steps and associated knowledge immediately afterwards. You demonstrate and explain the procedure again and ask her to complete the task.

She performs the task but not to the required standard. She misses a number of details, such as positioning her feet correctly, holding the box in the correct position against her body and using her feet to change direction. You demonstrate and explain the process again and ask her to go through the steps verbally. Again, she has difficulty describing the task. She performs the task to a higher standard in the next demonstration but it is still not at the required standard.

What could be causing Renee to have difficulty verbally explaining and performing the task?

11 – After discussing your concerns with a supervisor, you find out that Renee is shy and doesn’t like to be put under pressure to learn or demonstrate new skills in front of her colleagues. What can you do to help Renee successfully learn this important skill?


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