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This assignment requires that you first review all reading and written content BEFORE preparing your analysis paper. Therefore, carefully read the instructions and spend time synthesizing the EI content and take notes to help you formulate your final written paper. Write two pages of analysis to answer the following question: How Do You Feel EI can influence your behavior? Instructions: Read Articles 1 and 2; listen to the 2 You Tubes; After you have read the assigned content, complete the paper. Your response should integrate the following assigned content as well as your own personal insight: Reading assignments Human Abilities: Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence: New Abilities or Eclectic Traits?; Listen to the 2 YouTube videos Note: Minimum 3 citations and related reference detail. Separate title and reference page included. Follow APA Standards (Refer to Online Purdue Owl). Hint: One of your You Tubes discuss the dimensions of EI regarding emotions: Your Perception, How You Use It , How You Understand It, and How You Manage It. This is a good structure for a framework to write your paper.

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