“Colin Kaepernick” Journal

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 In the CNN and Nike advertisement videos over Colin Kaepernick’s protest, describe in your own words what is the controversy surrounding this former NFL football player. What are the sides to the controversy and why is this such a hot topic right now? If anything, what does the advertisement sell us? In the ad, Kaepernick refers to believers and non believers. How does this add to the advertisement and what message does it send? What athletes are included in the advertisement and who do they represent in society? Explain why that is a message of inclusiveness? Why do you think Nike chose Kaepernick to be a spokesman for their advertisement? Would you assume that they have taken a side? What was the response from those that do not believe in NFL players protesting during the national anthem? Should NFL players be able to protest on the field? Would you compare kneeling during the national anthem to burning or denigrating the flag in some way? Explain your answer How is this ad geared toward the Millennial generation in particular?

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