College speech codes

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 For a relatively balanced presentation on the arguments for and against college speech codes, read these- , and . After reading 1. Generally describe the purpose of most college speech codes. 2. Based on the articles you were assigned to read (linked above), cite at least one plausible argument in favor of, and one plausible argument in opposition to, the use of these codes on college campuses. 3. Should unpopular and/or unconventional ideas — such as a student comment or presentation in defense of a “radical” political idea (i.e. communism, fascism, anarchy, etc.) — be banned from discussion in the classroom if they make some students feel uncomfortable or offended? Explain and defend your answer, citing the potential costs and benefits of taking such action. 4. Based on your research, do you personally favor the use of speech codes on college campuses? Why or why not? How would you defend your position to those who might disagree with you on this topic? 5. Based on your knowledge of the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment, do you believe that speech codes are constitutional? Does your legal position align with your personal opinion? Explain.

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