College Women’s Self Image – the Influence of Social Media

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This paper focuses on College Women’s Self Image – the Influence of Social Media. Instructions to the assignment: Methodology Outline with Headings.

College Women’s Self Image – the Influence of Social Media

Methodology Outline with Headings
Headings for this Assignment:
Research Design
Measurement and Instrumentation
Human Subjects Considerations
Internal and External Validity
Study Limitations

Explanation of Issues
Firstly, in the first section of the Methodology, in one paragraph, explain your research question and hypothesis summarizing prior research to justify your research topic. Be very clear when succinctly explaining your research question. (Level 1 heading)

Secondly, APA style throughout the paper (Including Headings)

Thirdly, organization of paper

Fourthly, clarity of writing and statements

Lastly, follow the APA Manual Guidelines for style, flow, and citations

Influence of Context and Assumptions

Firstly,, in the Research Design section, identify the proposed research method (experiment, quasi-experiment, survey, A-B-A-B, single case design, survey, mixed-methods, etc.) Explain why you chose the design. (Level 2 heading)

Secondly, in the Sampling section, describe the sampling method (e.g., random, convenience, purposive, stratified, cluster, systematic, mixed, etc.) and explain why you chose the method. Identify study site and anticipated problems in procuring subjects. Describe the recruitment and selection process of subjects. (Level 2 heading)

Thirdly, in the Measurement and Instrumentation section, identify dependent and independent variables. Describe the operational definition of each variable and how they will be measured. Describe your measures (standardized measures are recommended, provide references for each if used). Discuss the reliability and validity of the measures used. Describe the data collection method in detail. (i.e., Will you conduct a survey? Use secondary data? When will individuals be asked?) (Level 2 heading)

Students Position

Firstly, in the Human Subjects Considerations section, describe procedures to be taken to protect research subjects; identify areas of potential harm and specific measures to ameliorate harm. (Level 1 heading)
Secondly, in the Internal and External Validity section, discuss EACH (sampling, measurement, and design) threat and why you think it is or isn’t a threat to your study. How are the threats controlled? (Level 1 heading)

Thirdly, in the Study Limitations section, discuss the potential limitations of the study (sampling, ethical, political, feasibility). Focus on methodological limitations. (Level 1 heading)

Conclusions and Related Outcomes
Firstly, what do you think the Conclusions of this proposed study will be?

Secondly, what are the practice and policy implications be if your hypotheses are supported?

Thirdly, what might be the implications for practice and policy be if your hypotheses are NOT supported?
Fourthly, what other issues might need investigating when focusing on your research question?

Further, what are your conclusions concerning your proposed research topic, question, professional practice, policy, and research? (Level 1 heading)

These are comments from the instructor from the previous problem statement & literature review that I have submitted in the “materials” section:
A cover page needs to be APA. Running head: COLLEGE WOMEN’S SELF IMAGE, the title of the paper, your name, and the name of the university only.
Cite everything! Remember, the more citations the better.
There should be empirical articles related to the research.
The sampling section should use more studies to get a more diverse view of the types of sampling methods used.
There are opportunities for citation conclusions.

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